Aloo Dum ~ Spicy Hot Potato

Aloo Dum is a very hot and spicy Nepali Style Potato curry. The origins of this recipe  is from the hill station of Darjeeling which is famous for this dish. Although it is super hot, this is a “hot” favorite among all my friends and one of the most requested recipes. So here it is… Continue reading Aloo Dum ~ Spicy Hot Potato

Spicy Stuffed Chilli Pakoras

Thanks to Global warming, all the weather patterns I am used to has now become unpredictable . We should be having a bright sunny Dashain weather in Kathmandu and here we are, stuck in wet and gloomy rainy days…… On days like these, nothing beats the blues like good old comfort food. Stuffed Chilli Pakoras… Continue reading Spicy Stuffed Chilli Pakoras