Kwati~ Nepali Bean Stew

Kwati is a traditional Nepalese dish which is a thick stew of several kinds of beans. The beans used in this dish are kidney beans, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, soyabean, mung bean, green bean, black bean and white beans.  It’s a healthy and wholesome family meal. Kwati is mainly eaten during  Janai Purnima/ Rakshya Bhandan in Nepal.… Continue reading Kwati~ Nepali Bean Stew

Keenima ~ Nepali Style Fermented Bean Curry

Keenima is a tasty delicacy ( but it is acquired taste for people who are not used to the strong pungent smell ! ) and made of fermented soya beans. This curry is made in our usual Nepali style has a lot of flavors  and is very hot. This is usually eaten with plain steamed… Continue reading Keenima ~ Nepali Style Fermented Bean Curry