Nepali Style Oyster Mushroom

This recipe is for a simple and quick dish, when you don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen. Even though it can be made in minutes, the taste is not compromised and it goes perfectly with any meal. Enjoy … Happy Cooking 🙂 ~ Kamakshi Prep Time : 10 mins        … Continue reading Nepali Style Oyster Mushroom

Maas ko Bara : Wo ~ Nepali Style Lentil Patties

Maas ko Baara or Woh is made from ground split Urad Beans (kaalo maas ko daal).  They are light and spongy daal patties that resemble small flat pancakes.  Maas ko Baara is best served fresh, but can be stored overnight. Woh is made similar to Baara, the difference is Baara is deep-fried, whereas Woh is pan-fried with only small amounts of oil, making it a relatively healthier version.  The… Continue reading Maas ko Bara : Wo ~ Nepali Style Lentil Patties