From Pooja Bhattarai, Australia  2 June 2012,

This website is amazing and extraordinary on its own way….. I’ve tried various Nepalese recipes from other website but apparently this website has become my favourite and the reason is that the recipes I find here is simple and the most importantly it has motherly touch.  If I could ask more- I would love to get few more recipes for momo ko ACHAR.
Hats off to the creator and the people who have shared their recopies- Cheers !

From Jess Ay, Australia 17 June 2012

I love your concept and I love to check the repices you post here. I will be trying some of these yummilicious recipes soon. I often find myself salivating and hungry looking at these food pics you post :). I was wondering if you can post a recipe for sesame chutney served with momos. My hubby talks about the chutney being very soupy (the one you apparently get in Everest Momos’ in KTM). I have never tried it so I don’t know what he is on about. If you do, I would love for you to guide me on it. Cheers!!!