Grand Ma’s Cooking Corner

 From Kamakshi 🙂 

Most of us have grown up with fond memories of our Grandma’s cooking ( Maybe the only person who can beat your Mom’s cooking !!!!!) and we still remember the taste of all the good food that still lingers in our palate. I am no different, my passion for cooking can be attributed to my dearest Grand Mom, Mrs. Durga Maya Rai, who is a wonderful cook and still continues with her passion for cooking even at the age of 85 years. I dedicate this page to her on our blog, for the wonderful dishes she has whipped up for us time and again , like a fairy god mother ( or should I say FAIRY FOOD MOTHER ! ) with her magic wand.

Coincidentally, when I started writing for this blog, she happened to be in Kathmandu for a month long annual vacation. On my request, she agreed to cook up all her old recipes so that I could post them on this blog for everyone to enjoy. So three cheers to the grand old lady and to everybody who enjoys simple and delicious Grandma’s cooking .

Will be posting soon … Until then, Happy Cooking 🙂 !

The Grand Old Lady in Action 

MY adorable granny is such a sport . She is enjoying cooking recipes for our club. Currently making her famous CHICKEN PICKLE … 🙂 Caught her in action !!!.