From Pooja Bhattarai, Australia  2 June 2012,

This website is amazing and extraordinary on its own way….. I’ve tried various Nepalese recipes from other website but apparently this website has become my favourite and the reason is that the recipes I find here is simple and the most importantly it has motherly touch.  If I could ask more- I would love to get few more recipes for momo ko ACHAR.
Hats off to the creator and the people who have shared their recopies- Cheers !

From Jess Ay, Australia 17 June 2012

I love your concept and I love to check the repices you post here. I will be trying some of these yummilicious recipes soon. I often find myself salivating and hungry looking at these food pics you post :). I was wondering if you can post a recipe for sesame chutney served with momos. My hubby talks about the chutney being very soupy (the one you apparently get in Everest Momos’ in KTM). I have never tried it so I don’t know what he is on about. If you do, I would love for you to guide me on it. Cheers!!!

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  1. Maya subba gurung says:

    one of my friend once told me,food is all about presentation.whatever you cook,it always look yummylocious to me.i did try few recipies from your website and it turned out really well.thank you for letting us feel at home even though we are miles away from our loved ones!!
    maya subba gurung,UK

  2. Kamakshi says:

    Thanks a lot Maya…. 🙂 I am happy that the recipes we useful ….. the website has all the recipes that I cook at home for my family…. so it has all the goodness of home food … Happy Cooking n thanks for your kind words !

  3. Pacma says:

    Omg!! i used to stalk your fb page (somehow from friend of friends i was connected to your profile) and secretly wished for the recipe of those food you posted. Since i don’t know you personally, asking for it was out of the question and I was unaware of your blog too. But thanks to one of my random friend on facebook I am here 🙂 and already tried 2 items . Though mine turns out to be bit burnt(spices) 🙁 sorry bad follower , I loved it. Thank you and keep inspiring me . Cheers ^__*

    • Kamakshi says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed the experience even though, you did not get the desired results …… No worries, u will get it right next time 🙂 .. !

  4. ganita gurung says:

    My mom makes lovely phinis like ur granny and would like to add on it that she sprinkles grated coconut and sugar over the phini after it is fried and my granny used to put cloves at the four ends of the phini it looks tastes great. lots of love to you and your granny I appreciate

  5. prince says:

    One of my Chinese friend asked me: how do you cook pork in Nepal ? I answered his question in my way, and while searching a pic to show him I got this website. The pictures you have posted here are so beautiful, all food look yummy, definitely I will try some of your recipes and will surprise my wife 🙂 thanks for posting everything.

  6. Dona says:

    What an awesome site..it is every food lovers’ paradise. I stumbled upon this site while surfing the internet at work 😛 and i quickly added it to my favourites. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes with us…i’m gald I took a lil time out to pursue my leisurely activities without whcih I certainly would not have bumped into a treasure of a website 🙂 Happy cooking and Happy sharing \o/

  7. Anjali says:

    The Nepali chicken curry turned out so good and yummy! I miss Nepali food so much and thanks to you now I can make it myself 🙂 Keep up the good works <3

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