Grand Ma’s Cooking Corner

 From Kamakshi 🙂 

Most of us have grown up with fond memories of our Grandma’s cooking ( Maybe the only person who can beat your Mom’s cooking !!!!!) and we still remember the taste of all the good food that still lingers in our palate. I am no different, my passion for cooking can be attributed to my dearest Grand Mom, Mrs. Durga Maya Rai, who is a wonderful cook and still continues with her passion for cooking even at the age of 85 years. I dedicate this page to her on our blog, for the wonderful dishes she has whipped up for us time and again , like a fairy god mother ( or should I say FAIRY FOOD MOTHER ! ) with her magic wand.

Coincidentally, when I started writing for this blog, she happened to be in Kathmandu for a month long annual vacation. On my request, she agreed to cook up all her old recipes so that I could post them on this blog for everyone to enjoy. So three cheers to the grand old lady and to everybody who enjoys simple and delicious Grandma’s cooking .

Will be posting soon … Until then, Happy Cooking 🙂 !

The Grand Old Lady in Action 

MY adorable granny is such a sport . She is enjoying cooking recipes for our club. Currently making her famous CHICKEN PICKLE … 🙂 Caught her in action !!!.

10 Responses to Grand Ma’s Cooking Corner

  1. uma pun says:

    Totally moved..cheers to your grand mom 😀

  2. donna says:

    big hug to your gradma

  3. Hellow and Nameste

    My name is Sangita Pandey and I am from Kathmandu (Nepal). I just started my achar business. I love to know where u all from and glad to know about your journey. well I was interested to know about the recipe of chicken pickle, ii its possible.

    Have a good day
    Sangita Pandey

  4. Hima says:

    Mum is happiest when she’s cooking for loved ones. Thanks for this post.

  5. gary says:

    Hi from London
    I’m saving calories by just looking at the picture of that delicious curry:)

    • Sovanny says:

      I’m very grateful for your efforts and appreciate your grandmom’s sharing spirit. Love your blog and her recipes! Thank you very much! Hugs from California

  6. vandana rana says:

    hi nice to see your blog… well i am a nepalee (daddy nepali and mom northindian.) married to a gujarati.
    dad cooks some of the delicacies. i am happy that now i shall be able to coook good food and let my children have it
    Thanks. a ton.

    Iam Dhaerya Prakash Nepali middle aged woman from Fiji .Originally from kapanagasau Sigatoka .(hilimbu)ihave taste of nepali food which aama cooked
    during Deshaira and Diwaali we used to eat sel in the morning
    And in rainy days babulai and dau asked ma to cook gundruk something like that thou it tasted awesome .Itried to cook sel it didnt turn out well.
    Ihope if you can help me out .

  8. Parasmani Khapangi Magar says:

    Lovely Grand ma…

  9. Marion Cummins says:

    I have just returned from Sri Lanka, it was my second visit, and have had the pleasure of eating your delicious food. My friends grandma cooked for us it was divine. Best Wishes to your Grandma.
    Marion Australia

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