Glossary of Spices

English Name : CAROM SEEDS ,  Nepali Name : JWAANO, Indian Name : AJWAIN

Jwaano is used extensively in Nepali cooking and is one of the most essential spice in the much loved Nepali lentil stew ~ Kwanti

English Name : ASAFETIDA ,  Nepali Name : HING, Indian Name : HING

English Name : BAY LEAF,  Nepali Name : Tej Paat , Indian Name : Tej Patta

English Name : BLACK CARDAMOM,  Nepali Name : Thulo Sukumel , Indian Name : Badi Alainchi

English Name : GREEN CARDAMOM,  Nepali Name : Sano Sukumel , Indian Name : Chhoti Alainchi

English Name : CINNAMON  Nepali Name : Daal Chinni  , Indian Name : Daal Chinni

English Name : CLOVES  Nepali Name : Lwang  , Indian Name : Laung

English Name : CORIANDER SEEDS Nepali Name : Dhania ko Geda  , Indian Name : Dhania

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