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Useful healthy tips brought to you from our very own nutrition guru , Sushil Koirala, who is an active member of our Club and constantly reminds us to eat healthy :) !

Brown Vs White Rice: Why does it matter?

Contributed By : Sushil Koirala A cup (195 grams) of cooked brown rice has 218 calorie compared to 242 calories that the same amount of white rice has. The difference is not that significant. So why do we want to … Continue reading

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The Power of Flaxseed

Contributed by : Sushil Koirala Salmon/olive oil/ nuts too expensive??? Get your dose of fiber, protein and Omega 3 fatty acid from flaxseed (आलस in Nepali) , sprinkle a pinch of it on yogurt, oatmeal, fruit, and veggies, or drizzle … Continue reading

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