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Because for many of us , food is a way of life .

The Girl Friends Cooking Club was the outcome of an idea sparked by the common interest of our love for food .Initially, the group was started with only couple of members and the idea was to share the recipes that we had tried and tested in our kitchen and it was yet another reason to get together and have a good time. Thus, the essence of this cooking club is not just food but the friends that we have made in our gourmet journey.

As the name suggests “The Girl Friends Cooking Club” was started with a group of girl friends who enjoyed not just eating good food but also cooking ,except for a few 🙂 who did only the “enjoying the food” part but still were a good sport !!! . Just sharing a few pictures , so that you can see for your self how much , our food get togethers have helped us to bond over the years 🙂

Happy Tasty Moments

Then we grew ….

The Girl Friends Cooking Club was first setup as an online group on Facebook on 15 July 2011. If you have a Facebook account, you can search for our group. It is an open group and one can easily see who are the members, what do they post and if you are interested you can also ask to join the group and Yes !!! Sex of a person is not a bar. Although initially this was a 100% female club, it has now expanded its membership to include men as well.
The reason for the change ???? Well ! Some of our men friends wanted to join and then we thought what the heck ! the more the merrier. In 11 months we now have 122 members who have joined this group in Facebook and counting ….. 🙂


Last but not the least

Girl Friends Cooking Club comprises of members who are not professional chefs or food writers. The recipes are ones which the members have tried and tested in their home kitchen. They are simple, easy to make and taste amazingly good. Also, it is not just about cooking but having fun, helping each other and making new friends who have a passion for not just cooking but also eating good food. This blog was a result of an ideas sparked by one of the members , who suggested that we should have a mechanism for easily searching for our recipes and there were some more suggestions 🙂

Quote ” I suggest that we expand the focus of this club to more than just re…cipes. We do a lot of cool stuffs with food. I think cooking is only a part of it. Think about finding food, groceries, restaurants/food that you like, food outing photos, post bizarre/interesting food photos etc. We can also post articles about food, stuffs like what’s good for elderly, pregnant, vegetarian, Jain, children etc.” Unquote

So, this is our first attempt to have a blog for our FB Girl Friends Cooking Club and we are open to suggestions from everyone ( including non members !)on how we can improve and make it better. All the recipes will be posted on to this blog, as and when they are posted on to our group. Yes , we believe that cooking can be fun …. One of our members, just knew how to boil eggs before he joined the group, now he is turning into a gourmet Chef ! …… So Happy Cooking to all of You !!

9 Responses to About Us

  1. Alie magar says:

    This is the site which helps us to share our simple but good receipes! As i m a student of HM I will be glad to join ur group!

    • kamakshi says:

      Dear Alie,
      We would love to welcome you to our group and share your recipes too 🙂 … At the moment, this website is work in progress so join our group in FB and then add your recipes there, which we will post it here and link it you. We are working on a SUBMIT RECIPE form and soon you will be able to directly submit your recipe to this website .. .. Happy Cooking 🙂 !

  2. Rima says:

    I’m really pleased to see this website and proud of your initiation. I’ve been looking for the good website where I can find more Nepali recipes but never found good one before. When I’ve gone through your website I feel like now there is something good that I really want to follow. You’ve put details in your recipe and hope it’ll turn out good. I’ll try one of these, someday. But what I wanted to request you is to include more Nepali recipes which we can’t find in any other website. I’ve bookmarked many other recipes’ website for Indian, Chinese, Thai, and all others continental food (which you can find easily) but don’t have Nepali one. Please make this website more focused on typical Nepalese cuisines rather than FUSION one. We know that there are varieties of Nepalese foods (based on cultural, geographical… diversity), which is very typical to Nepal. Please help promoting those cuisines. I’d like to see recipes for sel roti, anarasa, gundruk tarkari, aaloo tama, acchar… and many more. It would be even better if you post cooking videos too…
    All the best!

  3. Kamakshi says:

    Dear Rima,
    Thank you very much for your feedback. Yes, I do agree that there are no good websites which have Nepali recipes and therefore, I started a new section for Nepali recipes on this site. Your comments are well noted and I will try and upload many of the Nepali dishes that you have mentioned. However, this website cannot be an exclusive Nepali food site as there are many members in our GFCC group and everybody can share any recipe of their choice, which they have cooked in their kitchens at home. However, I will try my best to ensure that our Nepali Food Sections will have many Nepali dishes which could be useful to people who love Nepali food… Thank You once again. 🙂 🙂

  4. Corey wood says:

    I LOVE your site and the obvious passion behind the food and experience! Fr this reason we would greatly welcome your group to please post some pictures on our newly launched platform http://www.vinpin.com

    Although it is currently representing many wine selections we would really like more authentic culinary creations shared…and please input your web link when posting to improve your wonderful recipes exposure!

    I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, everything is free as well

    Corey Wood

  5. Kamakshi says:

    Thank Corey 🙂 …. Will post soon .

  6. Binaya says:

    Amazing recipes, thank you all.

  7. Aviensh Shakya says:

    It would be great if you put the cooking recipes on life “upgrade and zero oil cooking”.

  8. Sumesh Das says:

    I am impressed by the way you have presented your cooking methods. As a foodie, I would love to try and make every recipe possible as they look delicious.

    Would you like to suggest me any of your favorite? Probably something of chicken or mutton.

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